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Vertical Communications MBX-IP DTIB-C12 4532-12C 12 Port Digital Station Circuit Card For Comdial Telephones


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Vertical Communications MBX-IP DTIB-12C 4532-12C 12 Port Comdial Digital (Impact/Impact SCS/Edge 100) Station Circuit Card

  • Adds 12 Digital Station Ports to Compatible Systems
  • RJ21 25 Pair "Champ" Style Connector
  • Blue Port Status LEDs
  • Supports Comdial Digital Protocol Phones
  • Comdial Impact Series Digital Telephones (8024S-xx, 8012S-xx, 8124S-xx, 8112S-xx, 8112N-xx, 8102N-xx, IB64X-xx)
  • Comdial Impact SCS Series Digital Telephones (8324F-xx, 8324FJ-xx, 8324S-xx, 8324SJ-xx, 8312F-xx, 8312FJ-xx, 8312S-xx, 8312SJ-xx, 8212S-xx, 8212N-xx, 8201N-xx, IB24X-xx, IB48X-xx_
  • Comdial Edge 100 Series Digital Telephones (EP100-24, EP100-12, EP100-24, EP100G-24, EP100G-C48, VW-E100-24, VW-E100-12)
Other Information
  • Soft Keys Will Not Function
  • -xx Denotes Multiple Color Models Available

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