NEC DT300 Series DCL-60-1 680012 60 Button DSS/BLF Console


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NEC LO(60LK)Z-(BK) 680012 DCL-60-1 Black 60 Button DSS/BLF Console. Power Adapter Not Included

  • 60 Programmable Keys with Red and Green Line Status LEDs
  • *******Compatible Systems*******
  • NEC Univerge SV8000 Series Systems (SV8100, SV8300, SV8500)
  • NEC Univerge SV9000 Series Systems (SV9100, SV9300, SV9500)
  • *******Compatible Telephones*******
  • NEC DT300 Series Digital Telephones (DTL-12D-1, DTL-24D-l, DTL-32D-1, DTL-8LD-1)
  • NEC DT700 Series VoIP Telephones. Requires 680022 Connection Cable (ITL-12D-1, ITL-24D-l, ITL-32D-1, ITL-8LD-1)
  • *******Compatible Components*******
  • NEC Serial Connection Cable for ITL Series Telephones (680022)
  • NEC AC-2R Power Adapter (780135)
  • NEC AC-3R Power Adapter (780152)

DTL (SV8000)