Comdial FXSDS-16 16 Port Digital Station Card

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Comdial FXSDS-16 16 Port Digital Station Card for FX Series and MP5000 Systems

  • Adds 16 Digital Station Ports
  • Does Not Support Large Screen Telephones or Bridged Consoles
  • RJ21 Interface
  • *******Compatible Systems*******
  • Comdial FX Series Systems (FX-96, FXS, FXT)
  • Comdial FX-II Sytems
  • Comdial MP5000 Systems
  • *******Compatible Components*******
  • Comdial FXS 7 Slot Main Cabinet (FXCBM)
  • Comdial FXS 7 Slot Expansion Cabinet (FXCBX)
  • Comdial FX-96 and FXT 7 Slot Universal Cabinet (FXCBX)
  • Comdial FX-II 6 Slot Universal Cabinet (FXCBX-II)
  • Comdial MP5000 6 Slot Universal Cabinet (MP5-BCH)
  • *******Compatible Digital Telephones*******
  • Comdial Digitech Digital Telephones (7700S, 7714S, 7714X, 7701X, DD32X)
  • Comdial Impression Digital Telephones (2022S, 2122S, 2122X, 2101X, DU32X)
  • Comdial Impact Digital Telephones (8012S, 8024S, 8112S, 8112N, 8124S, 8124N, IB64X)
  • Comdial Impact SCS Digital Telephones (8201N, 8212N, 8212S, 8312S, 8312SJ, 8324F, 8324FJ, 8324S, 8324SJ, IB24X, IB48X)
  • Comdial ConversIP 100 Series Digital Telephones (EP100-12, EP100-24, EP100G-12, EP100G-24, EP100G-C48)
  • Vertical Communications Edge 100 Series Digital Telephones (VW-E100-12, VW-E100-24)
  • Comdial Scout Series Digital Cordless Telephones (900-MX, 900-MXS, 900-MXV, 9700)

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