Tadiran MEX-IP2 - 72449177100 v15.3905 Circuit Card

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Tadiran IPx800 MEX-IP2 - 72449177100 v15.3905 Main Central Processor IP with DBX, IMC8 and SAU (Licensed for 448 Ports, 160 T2xxM, 2 FLIPS, 1 NETIP, 2 SIp Terminal, 50 T2xxS, 2 SIP Trunk, 448 MEdia Chan, 20 APA, 8 URC DTMF, 8 URC 3WAY, 2 URC CONF, Routing, SMDR Backup, PRI, ACD,Hotel/Motel, CAP, Traffic, TBR, CONF,T-VM, Call Trace, Caller ID, Split Monitor, CVA, CVD, CVD Pro, Autoset Relocation, FlexiCall, SLT-CID, Directory, FlexAir SMS, Silent Monitor, Music Dialtone, Canned Message, and Internal Traffice) Circuit Card

System Common Control Cards