Tadiran MEX-IP - 72449175100 v14.6611 Circuit Card


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Tadiran Coral MEX-IP - 72449175100 v14.6611 Main Central Processor IP with DBX-1, IMC8 and SAU (Licensed for 384 Ports, 50 IP Keysets, 2 Softsets, 20 Net IP, 384 MEida Chan, 20 APA, 8 URC DTMF, 8 URC 3WAY, 2 URC CONF, Routing, Data Features, PRI, ACD, Hotel/Motel, CAP, TBR, Networking, 4VS No Ans, COnf, St-VM, Call Trace, Caller ID, Split Monitor, CVA, CVD PrO, Autoset Relocation, Flexicall, SLT-CID, Direcotry, Silent Monitor, Music Dialtone and Canned Message) Circuit Card

System Common Control Cards